Conel: sprendimai transportui

Transportation and Technical Services

Transportation and logistics services are currently the fastest growing sector. For this reason, demands on the control and management of logistic services are rising. Because this field utilizes large networks operated over wide areas, wireless communication systems are in high demand.


Main application samples:

  • meteorological measurements on roads
  • traffic density monitoring
  • camera systems
  • road infrastructure monitoring - traffic signs, crossroads, tunnels
  • parking machines, guidance systems, information boards
  • railway cars - trolley lines exchange stations
  • waste processing and management systems
  • vehicles tracking and status monitoring

Selected references:

Ředitelství silnic a dálnic ČR -– GPRS network for data collection from meteorological measurements done on roads in the entire Czech Republic

ELTODO, a.s. - GPRS network used for monitoring and management of public lighting devices, GPRS network for crossroads monitoring equipped with traffic lights

Technická správa komunikací hlavního mĕsta Prahy - radio network used for an emergency parking lot guidance system, meteorological measurements and monitoring of crossroads in Prague

Přenos obrazu z kamer dopravních systémů - Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands...

Fleetware - - a system for real time vehicle tracking and monitoring, more information at and

Case studies

Traffic camera system