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JetPort 5201 JetPort 5601 JetPort 5801 V3 JetPort 5804
Number of Ports:10/100Base-TX 1 2(Redundant) 2 x 10/100Base-TX, Redundant Dual Ethernet  
Standard     Ethernet: IEEE 802.3 for 10BaseT IEEE 802.3u for 10/100Base-TX Wireless: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN  
Number of Serial Ports 1*RS232 1*RS232/RS422 /RS485    
Power Terminal   DC12~48V PWR1: 9~48VDC with 3-pinTerminal Block  
Power Jack DC9~30V DC9~30V PWR2: 9~48VDC  
PoE     9~48VDC through Eth1 port, PoE Wiring Mode B (power on pins 4,5, 7, and 8)  
1200VAC HIPOT    
Rigid Aluminum Case      
Case Protection IP 30 IP 30    
Dimensions (unit=mm) 78.5(W)x 29.2(H) x 79.6(D) 96.1(W) x 29.6(H) x 99(D) 98mm(W) x 114.8mm(D) x 46mm(H)  
Operating Temperature 0~60°C -10~70°C -10~70°C  
DIN-Rail Kit Yes  
Configuration Windows Utility-JetPort Commander, HTTPS, SSH  
Operation Mode System: Bridge Wireless: CPE Mode  
Secured HTTPS,SSH      
RTTD,Redundant Dual Ethernet      
SNMP V1/V2C      
SMTP(e-mail warning) RFC1213 MIB II, RFC1317 RS232_like and SNMP Trap  
Syslog Trap to Syslog server or local display  
Regulatory Approvals:CE / FCC / UL